Good work practices to make you money

As the company owner or manager of your business, there are good work practices you can implement to keep your team in tip-top shape, resulting in high output.

Small business owners know that receivables, outstanding debt interest rates, P & L information for the last eight quarters, and trend lines used to point the way to success. However, they sometimes don’t know if there’s a safety issue on the factory floor, or a fire exit is blocked by raw materials.

Employee Injury and illness don’t help your company’s productivity, its cash flow, or the bottom line. In fact, lose a key employee and you could quickly see a cash flow shortage in your business’s future. Whilst Safe Work Australia “…leads the development of national policy to improve work health and safety and workers’ compensation arrangements across Australia,” your insurance broker can give you some great tips to reduce Workers Compensation premiums.

They can evaluate the safety and health of your office or business, which in turn, has an impact on the safety and health of employees. At Guardsafe Insurance our team is a valuable ally in keeping your employees – key business assets – safe and healthy, which in turn, improves chances that your company remains safe and healthy.

A few modifications to your workplace environment can greatly improve the safety and health of your in-place team, lowering rates of absenteeism and greatly reducing recruitment costs to replace employees on injury leave.

Provide good lighting. With so many employees staring at so many computer screens throughout the day, poor lighting can quickly cause eyestrain and headaches. Over time, the problem can get worse.

Provide the right tools – and good ones at that. Good computers, ergonomic chairs, wrist rests to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, safety goggles, protective headwear, secured permissions to access company documents and company personnel. Give the team the tools to succeed. Safely.

Train and practice good safety. Have regular safety drills and inspections. Emphasise the need for safety for all new hires. Name an employee safety inspector who can identify potential dangers before they become actual injuries.

Make sure all doors and exits are well-marked. Take new employees on a “safety tour” to show them where exits, alarms, and first-aid kits are kept.

Establish written safety and health guidelines for your particular business in consultation with your business insurer. Insurance companies want fewer accidents and fewer claims just like you. Talk to your insurance broker for a risk assessment and solve a problem before it is a problem.

Maintain the facility. When was the last time the company ductwork got a good scrubbing? Has the air conditioner cooling tank been drawn down? Is parking safe? Is exterior lighting more than adequate?

Provide healthier snack foods in the company cafeteria or break room. Throw out junk food and offer healthy alternatives.

Don’t penalise employees who call in sick. It’s better for unwell staff to stay away from the workplace until they pass the contagious stage.

Encourage healthy habits. Support company sports teams, provide “quit smoking” programs at no cost. Supplement the cost of annual gym membership costs. Bring in an exercise coach to warm up the crew a few times a week. Take a proactive stance for the good health of your employees. The best place to start is with a risk assessment conducted by Guardsafe Insurance.

You, your employees, and your bottom line will be glad you did.

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